General information

Rajasthan State Industrial Development And Investment Corporation Ltd

Corporate identification number: U13100RJ1969SGC001263
Principal business activity: Mining & Quarrying
Company Limited By Shares
State Government Company
Registered state
Registrar of companies
2,350,000,000.00 INR
Authorized capital
2,101,858,000.00 INR
Paidup capital
Udyog Bhawan Tilak Marg
Registered office address
Registered office city
Registered office state
Found at Udyog Bhawan Tilak Marg, Jaipur Rajasthan India, Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd is an active company incorporated on 28-03-1969 with a Corporate Identification Number of U13100RJ1969SGC001263. They can be reached using email at The company has ₹2,350,000,000.00 of authorised capital and ₹2,101,858,000.00 of paid-up capital. It is a mining & quarrying corporation, also categorised as a company limited by shares. There are 12 directors that can be associated with Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd, among them: Anupama Sharma, with the company since 2017-08-10 (director id no ALRPS7894N);
Devendra Bhushan Gupta, a part of the team since 2017-07-28 (director id no 00225916);
Khemraj Chaudhary, with the company since 2017-07-28 (director id no 05303449).
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Name Begin date Current Identification no
Anupama Sharma 10/08/2017 ALRPS7894N
Devendra Bhushan Gupta 28/07/2017 00225916
Khemraj Chaudhary 28/07/2017 05303449
Kunji Lal Meena 12/06/2017 05220511
Subodh Agarwal 12/06/2017 06940604
Anoop Khinchi 20/12/2016 06692712
Tina Soni 20/12/2016 07720240
Aparna Arora 27/07/2016 02360232
Anil Bafna 14/05/2015 01051948
Raman Kumar Sharma 14/05/2015 01381382
Rajeeva Swarup 10/07/2014 01142865
Dinesh Kumar Sharma 29/02/1992 ABHPS8658Q
last import: 19/01/2018