General information

Kallam Brothers Cottons Private Limited

Corporate identification number: U17111AP2003PTC040726
Principal business activity: Manufacturing (Textiles)
Company Limited By Shares
Indian Non-Government Company
Andhra Pradesh
Registered state
Registrar of companies
53,500,000.00 INR
Authorized capital
35,575,170.00 INR
Paidup capital, Dhulipalla (Village) Sattenapalli
Registered office address
Registered office state
Registered office postcode
Kallam Brothers Cottons Private Limited (Corporate Identification Number U17111AP2003PTC040726) is an active company incorporated on 27-03-2003 and categorised as a company limited by shares. This is a private corporation that has ₹53,500,000.00 of authorised capital and ₹35,575,170.00 of paid-up capital. Kallam Brothers Cottons Private Limited, a manufacturing (textiles) corporation, can be found at, Dhulipalla (Village) Sattenapalli Andhra Pradesh India 522414 and can be contacted at
Among the 5 directors that are involved with this corporation, we can name:
Poluri Praveen Kumar Reddy (Director Identification Number 07486089), involved with the company since 2016-04-18;
Surya Narayana Murthy Vaddadi (Director Identification Number 00021952) has been with the company since 2013-07-01;
Srinivasa Reddy Kallam (Director Identification Number 00057629), with the company since 2003-04-03.
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Name Begin date Current Identification no
Poluri Praveen Kumar Reddy 18/04/2016 07486089
Surya Narayana Murthy Vaddadi 01/07/2013 00021952
Srinivasa Reddy Kallam 03/04/2003 00057629
Sambi Reddy Poluri 03/04/2003 00057641
Nagi Reddy Kallam 27/03/2003 00057613
last import: 26/02/2018