How to select heat medium oil for liquid phase heating systems?

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  1. 1.The outlet temperature of thermal fluid boiler is higher than 400 ℃:Inorganic salt heat carriers are generally used, and molten salt heat carriers of nitrate-nitrite mixtures such as Neo SK-SALT are often used.2.The outlet temperature of thermal fluid boiler is 300-350 ℃:Alkyl biphenyl type, hydrogenated terphenyl type and benzhydryl toluene type heat carrier are available. Generally, it is used under pressure through an expansion tank, and in consideration of heat resistance, a heat carrier having a boiling point higher than the use temperature is selected in principle. If the temperature is 340 degrees or more, Neo SK-OIL 1400 or the like can be used. In addition, for the simultaneous heating and cooling process, the cold region in winter requires the heat carrier to have better low temperature characteristics. In this case, Neo SK-OIL 330 can be used. 3.The outlet temperature of thermal fluid boiler is 250-300 ℃:It is selected from the group consisting of alkylbenzene type, benzyltoluene type and alkylbiphenyl type. Such as KSK-OIL 280 Neo SK-OIL 1300 and Neo SK-OIL 3304.The outlet temperature of heat oil boiler is less than 250 ℃:It is possible to use a less expensive heat carrier such as a mineral oil system and a heavy alkylbenzene-based heat carrier.5. Use food-related thermal fluid heater system:Low toxicity silicone type and fluorine heat carrier can be used. If used in oil bath open system, silicone type is more used.6. Use a non-combustible heat carrier:Fluorine-based heat carriers are often used, such as Neo SK-OIL F-05.
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