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        Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a multinational electronicscompany, which is the largest electronics company in South Korea. In 2012,Samsung Electronics had invested $7 billion to build the first semiconductorline in Xi'an, China. The boiler plays an important role in the semiconductorproduction workshop, making it keep a constant temperature, humidity and an ultra-cleanenvironment. After comparing with many international boiler manufacturers,Samsung Electronics was impressed by ZOZEN’s powerful comprehensive strengthand chose to cooperate with ZOZEN. Based on its actual demand, ZOZEN helps themmake a tailor-made solution, providing 2 sets of 40 tph and 3 sets of 30 tphgas-fired steam boilers. In 2015, Samsung Electronics presented a token ofappreciation to ZOZEN after 3 years successful running.

        In 2018, in order to expand its production capacity, SamsungElectronics has invested $15 billion to begin construction of its secondsemiconductor line in Xi'an. With abundant experience accumulated in the firstsemiconductor project and growing comprehensive strength, ZOZEN stands outamong other international manufactures. Samsung Electronics still chooses tocooperate with us. Nowadays, ZOZEN has provided 5 sets of 30 tph gas-firedsteam boilers for them. The professional engineer has been also sent to givethe guidance of installation and maintenance.

        The cooperation with Samsung Electronics has greatly promotedZOZEN’s development in the international market. General Manager of ZOZEN saysthat we will spare no effort to make our customers satisfied.

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